Hot and Warm Forging

Modern induction heating provides many advantages over other heating methods. Heating with induction provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact, pollution free energy-efficient and pollution free heat in a minimal amount of time.

Solid state MF induction heating is a prime candidate for many modern forging applications. Historically, gas furnaces or flames were used to heat metal for hot working. These methods are inefficient in terms of both energy and time. However, induction heating can provide the necessary heat for forging in a very efficient, accurate, reliable, and repeatable manner. With Elind's modern technology, induction furnaces can be placed into production lines for high volume rapid forging processes.

Typical MF power supplies for forging range from 50kw to 3000kw, depending on material and application requirements.
Elind induction furnaces incorporate
• MF Generator
• Closed Loop DM Water System
• Induction Heavy Coil
• Chain Conveyor
• Pinch Roller
• Lost Motion Detector
• Fast Retractor
• 3 Way Chute
• Optical Pyrometer
• Auto Loader
• Quick Change of Coil
• SCADA Monitoring System
• Control Console
Our MF generators are very compact using the best of components mounted on frames which are highly accessible for maintenance.
We use single electronic card to control the equipment which enhances the reliability.
• Compact-saves floor space
• Single electronic card- enhances reliability
• Reliable components- high accessibility- reduces down time
Mechanical Feeding Systems:
We have a range of mechanical feeding systems suitable for individual requirements. These systems are:
• Single Chain Conveyor
• Pinch Roller
• Fast Extractor
• Slat Loader
• Lost Motion Detector
• 3 Way Chute
• Accept/Reject System
Elind's Induction heating coils are very reliable as they use very special material, change time for the coil is less than 10 minutes.
Elind Induction Furnaces have two tipologies:
  “Compact Type” Billet Heating Systems

Compact type billet heating systems have been specially developed to bring together all the component parts of an induction furnace within a single structure.

The most salient characteristics of these compact systems include: extremely short startup times, reduced dimensions, very limited foundation and pre-installation requirements.

These qualities make them eminently suitable for use in forges where the available space is limited and existing plant and structural layouts cannot be modified easily. Moreover, they can be moved eventually to a different location inside the plant, quickly and easily. The standard series of these compact systems built in a single block includes units between 100 and 2000 kW, with frequency ratings between 200 and 10,000 Hz.

  “Non Compact Type” Billet Heating System

Non compact type billet heating systems have separate structure on which is mounted the induction heating coil and billet feeding system. M.F. generator is connected to the coil and M.F. capacitors through flexible rubber hoses or water cooled bus bars or co-axial cables.

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