For hardening, induction provides the necessary control and accuracy to focus the heat to a specific area of the part. Solid state systems are capable of heating very small areas within precise production tolerances, without disturbing individual metallurgical characteristics.

It is important to heat the part quickly with high power density, and then quench the part rapidly to prevent the inside of the part from exceeding the transformation temperature.

Typical M.F. power supplies for hardening range from 5 to 800 kW, depending on the material and application requirements.

Elind has supplied totally manual machines where components are placed by an operator inside a coil for hardening to a totally automated system.


A typical hardening machine comprises of:

• an induction generator
• custom built coil
• quenching system
• holding fixture
• completely automatic feeding arrangement
There are standard fixtures for shafts, both vertical fixture and horizontal fixture, gears and crank shafts.

Also, custom built fixtures are supplied for engine valves, annulus ring, tappet screws and many other components.

Elind has supplied equipments ranging from 20kw to 600kw depending on material production and application requirements.
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