Modern induction heating provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact and energy-efficient heat in a minimal amount of time. Modern induction heating systems are capable of heating very small areas within precise production tolerances, without disturbing individual metallurgical characteristics of brazed components. For larger volume applications and/or quality-dependent processes, parts can be brazed with induction under a controlled atmosphere without flux or any additional cleaning steps. Typical MF power supplies for induction brazing range from 1 to 100kW, depending on the parts and application requirements

Brazing in a controlled vacuum or in an inert protective atmosphere can significantly improve overall part quality and eliminate costly part cleaning procedures.

Brazing by flame in a normal oxygen atmosphere can cause oxidation, scaling and carbon buildup on the parts. To clean the parts, applications of joint weakening flux or expensive acid cleaning baths are often required.

A typical brazing machine comprises of
• An induction generator
• Custom built coil
• Holding fixture
• Completely automatic feeding arrangement

Elind has supplied totally manual machines where components are placed by an operator inside a coil for brazing to a totally automated system where components are picked up automatically, placed inside the coil, brazing material is fed automatically- the whole cycle is fully automated.

Elind has supplied equipments ranging from 2kw to 150kw depending on material production and application requirements.

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